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marble maze

  • Marble maze

    The skill game “marble maze” allows the player to create a new labyrinth with each game. Thirty wooden plates with different channels milled into the top, can be placed on a wooden frame to create a big maze. Up to three marbles at the same time can then be guided from the starting points to aim plates. The game allows different levels of difficulty. The player has won as soon as the marbles are fixed in their indent on the aim plates. Afterwards the plates can be reordered and a new maze is generated.


    In the first part of the game, when creating the labyrinth, logical thinking is promoted. The channel plates need to be placed in a way that the marbles can role from start to end. During the second part, gently moving the frame, the motor activity is trained.


    Scope of supply

    30 channel plates 6x6cm

    1 wooden frame

    3 marbles

    1 manual (in German)



    channel plates: 15mm birch-layered plywood, covered with vanish that meet EN71 Toy Safety Standard

    frame: solid beech


    dimensions (w/l/h):

    ca. 42 x 36 x 4cm


    Not suitable for children under three years, due to the presence of small parts.